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As the holiday season arrives once again, law enforcement is gearing up to enforce drunk driving laws via check points and other means to keep impaired drivers off the road. This is not a surprise; police and other officials step up their visibility yearly during this time for that purpose. Unfortunately, we all pretty much know that there will be drunk drivers out there and that they will be arrested.

So how can you be sure you’re not among those numbers?

The best way to avoid legal charges for drunk driving is to not drink and drive. It’s that simple, if you will. However, Mothers Against Drunk Driving statistics for 2012 show that 89,256 arrests were made in Texas alone for that very thing. MADD’s numbers go on to show that those driving over the legal blood alcohol limit of 0.8 accounted for 1,296 traffic deaths (38%) in the state—a 7 percent increase over 2011.

While we have heard of many chronic alcoholics who have multiple arrests, the majority of those jailed for DUI are “common” folks, even “nice” folks, who put themselves and others at risk by driving while impaired. The Dallas DWI Attorneys at the Lloyd S. Gastwirth Law Firm ask that you not be among them.

Think ahead if you plan to have an evening out where alcohol is present. Make arrangements in advance for transportation via taxi, shuttle, bus, a friend. Ask your host if you can stay over if necessary. Don’t drink on an empty stomach, and, if you must drive, either limit your drinks, or stop drinking at least two hours before you go, or longer, depending on how much you’ve had.

If you’re throwing a bash for family and friends, discuss up front the “rules” of your house. They can include having everyone turn their keys in upon arrival, announcing that all are welcome to stay the night, or letting your guests know you have the number for taxis or free rides offered in your area. You can tag one of your family members as the designated driver who is willing to take your guests home. Remember to serve non-alcoholic beverages along with plenty of food. It’s also okay to stop serving alcohol well before your party is over, or limit the amount of alcohol on hand.

In spite of all efforts, however, there will be drunk driving arrests over the next few months as people celebrate the holidays. DWI Attorney Lloyd S. Gastwirth will be here for those who find themselves in that predicament…but we’d much rather you be at home with your loved ones.

Be smart. Be safe. Don’t drink and drive.

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