Diabetes DWI

Jury acquittal of a client tried for DWI who was taking medication for his diabetes.

Jury Acquittal

Bond for client on Probation

Convinced the Court to allow bond for a client who received two new arrests while on straight probation.

Court Allowed a Bond

Multiple Assault Dismissals

Obtained dismissal or conditional dismissal for numerous clients charged with Assault/Family Violence.

Case Dismissed

Bail Bond Reduction

Convinced a county employee to assist me in expediting the release of a client from a municipal jail to county jail where the bail bond would be reduced substantially.

Bail Bond Reduced

Theft by Check Dismissal

Numerous dismissals of theft by check cases upon payment of restitution.

Cases Dismissed

Weapons Charge Dismissal

Dismissal of a weapons charge against a client who was moving his belongings from one part of town to another.

Case Dismissed

Pre-Indictment Felony Reduction

Reduction of a felony charge to a misdemeanor charge pre-indictment.

Charge Reduction