Driving with a Suspended License

Dallas DWLS (Driving While License Suspended)




In the state of Texas there are numerous ways in which the privilege of having a driver’s license may be suspended by the State. A driving license suspension could arise from a Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) arrest and/or conviction, (breath test failure or refusal and/or conviction with or without probation). A driver’s license suspension can result from too many tickets or failure to pay surcharges or conviction of a drug offense. The list goes on and on. Many suspensions can be lifted by the payment of fees to the state. However, some suspensions, (i.e. breath test failure/refusal, drug convictions, too many too many tickets for the lack of financial responsibility – liability insurance), can be for a finite period of time. For those suspension carrying a finite suspension, one may petition the court for an Occupational Drivers License (ODL). There are a number of factors to be considered in lifting such a suspension> I am prepared to offer a free telephone consultation so as to determine how to proceed when you believe that your driver’s license has been suspended or deemed invalid.

Should you be stopped and charged with DWLS/I, you may receive a ticket or possibly be arrested for a Class B Misdemeanor. Too many convictions for DWLS/I can result in drivers license suspensions for additional periods of time.