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There are many drug crimes in the state of Texas. Possession of drugs can range from a Class B Misdemeanor to a very serious felony. There are illegal drugs, (i.e. marijuana, cocaine), and controlled substances,(prescription drugs). The seriousness of the offense depends upon many factors; such as the type of drug; the quantity of drug; possession versus manufacturing and delivery (sale) and so on.

In spite of what you hear about medical marijuana and legalized recreational use of marijuana in certain states, and growing, possession of marijuana in Texas remains a crime. In addition, possession of dangerous drugs and illegal drugs can result in a serious felony charge resulting in an in-patient facility for many months or prison. First-time offenders can often op for a diversion program in certain instances and keep this arrest off their record at some point. A drug conviction can cost you your drivers license for awhile.

Over the years, many judges and other governmental interests have come to realize that drug addicts and drug users are not necessarily persons who need to be immediately sent to prison. Thus, there are numerous courts that will prove drug treatment, residential and out-patient, for persons who are young or one or two time offenders, with the hope that appropriate treatment as a condition of ongoing probation, leading to rehabilitation is a viable alternative to incarceration.

A Dallas Criminal Lawyer can review your case and provide you with all your legal options.

In spite of the potential seriousness of criminal drug cases; under current practice in Dallas County, a first time misdemeanor possession of marijuana case, with no criminal history, can often be dismissed under certain circumstances with certain conditions attached.

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