Early Release from Probation

Are You Eligible For A Early Release From Probation?



Many people on probation in Dallas County are not aware that they can be released from probation after as little as 1/3rd of the probation period. All that is necessary is to have successfully completed all conditions imposed by the order of probation and have received no new arrests. Most judges look favorably upon those people and are often inclined to release someone early. Contact me for details and I can review your unique situation and suggest whether you have a shot at being released early.


Point #1. You can be released early from probation after completing 1/3rd if allowed.

Point #2. You have to have all of the probation conditions met, in all probability.

Point #3. You need a lawyer to intervene on your behalf with the probation department/judge.

Point #4. You need to have had no new arrests while on probation, in all probability.

Point #5 You need to contact me and discuss the details of your unique situation.