Non-Disclosures & Expunctions




With the advent of the internet, information which was previously contained and confined to the courthouse, has become, with the click of a mouse, available for all to see. It is distressing to know that instantaneous decisions are made affecting peoples lives by individuals who have no knowledge of legal terms and the niceties of definition; other than a name appearing on the “dirty board”. This often affects one’s ability to be hired for a job, obtain an apartment, apply for a loan or even an insurance policy.

In recent years, the laws governing expunctions and non-disclosures have been liberalized to the point that one may literally erase an arrest record and deny that the arrest or non—conviction case disposition ever took place, subject to statutory requirements. These requirements are intricate and must be looked at on a case by case basis. However, the most common and effective use is the non disclosure. For those people who are placed on Deferred Adjudication for misdemeanor theft and drug cases, as well as some other offenses, upon the expiration of their Deferred Adjudication and discharge, may be eligible to remove the occurrence from their criminal record. There are some exceptions, exclusions and limitations so call me for a free telephone consultation and discuss your unique situation and I can often analyze your eligibility for such relief.